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RS – The Theatre
Ranga Shankara is a world-class theatre facility in Bangalore, India. The most affordable theatre space in India today, Ranga Shankara is dedicated to showcasing theatrical performances from India and abroad, to producing and commissioning new and innovative theatre forms and productions, and facilitating outreach programmes to build audiences for theatre and to impart theatre skills.

Ranga Shankara is a commitment to the art of theatre, to the cultural fabric of our country and its people: bringing to them a wholesome feast of theatre to awaken and thrill the senses.

Ranga Shankara is Theatre Alive!

Born from a dream envisioned by actor – director Shankar Nag the theatre is a celebration of artistic excellence. Arundhati’s tireless task of building the theatre over 10 years was propelled by the selfless contributions made by hundreds of donors to make it a reality, and supported by the invisible friends who stand by the theatre and quietly work everyday without any expectation only because they believe. The rewards are in the relentless theatre that happens every day at Ranga Shankara; and in the participation of a community that has embraced the space and made it its own.

Going by the philosophy of A Play a Day- which means we always have a play on- we present more than 300 performances a year in several Indian and international languages. These performances include special shows for children, matinees, youth festivals, and an annual Ranga Shankara Theatre Festival which comes together to give Bangalore the best of local and international contemporary theatre.

Our ticket prices also reflect that we believe that Theatre Alive! is for us all. With the support of our main sponsor Vodafone, we are able to make Ranga Shankara affordable to theatre troupes in the city and across the country. We extend the same benefits to our audience, keeping our tickets and all our facilities affordable, with special facilities for the differently-abled.

Ranga Shankara has free seating, a tribute to our confidence in the design of our auditorium: wherever you sit in Ranga Shankara, your experience of the performance remains intimate and immediate.

Ranga Shankara celebrates the glorious traditions of theatre, and also looks with anticipation to the future. Through making available the performances of experienced artistes to new theatre-goers and practitioners, through allowing both young and the veteran to engage over endless cups of tea, through jointly lugging sets and painting flats well into the night, through heated discussions over beliefs and styles, that we evolve the dramatic arts and crafts. By investing in the new generation of youth that now uses the space, whether to perform or to watch the cutting edge theatre we invite throughout the year, we strengthen our bonds and invest in the future of Theatre Alive!

Ranga Shankara is a space dedicated to theatre and we do not rent out the auditorium for anything other than theatre performances. All bookings must be for shows open to the public. We do not allow bookings for private shows.


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